About Us

Our Heritage

A hundred years ago, the landowner and family patriarch Ion Toma worked the rich Transylvanian soil in the Kingdom of Romania. Unfortunately, after World War II the communists were successful in banishing King Michael I and seizing all private property, including the Toma family estate. Decades Later, Ion's grandson, Cornel followed in his grandfather's footsteps by working the land and becoming the manager of a large agricultural community.  However, because of the tyranny of the communist regime, Cornel and his wife fled their homeland for freedom in the United States. Today, Cornel's two sons carry on the family tradition in real estate through Toma partners.

Note From A Founder

The Inspiration for Toma Partners came to me while I was having lunch with my friend and older brother, Ben. As he described the common practices of brokerages, I began to realize how privileged I was to be the brother of a Realtor I could trust. I thought to myself, “There should be a company that treats everyone like a member of the family.” Shortly thereafter, we founded the only family-owned, luxury real estate company in Arizona. – Mihai Toma

Where We Are Today

In October 2015, our family real estate company became CENTURY 21 Toma Partners. Benjamin Toma, co-founder of Toma Partners, is the CEO and Designated Broker of C21 Toma Partners. He has over a decade of experience in both commercial and residential real estate transactions. Benjamin navigates complex situations and negotiations in a steadfast and level-headed way. This approach binds deals together in security and certainty resulting in a smooth process and happy customers. Benjamin’s background is in strategy and analytics. Prior to real estate, he spent more than ten years developing and implementing analytical tools for a fortune 100 company. His work enabled accurate tracking of profitability, salesperson effectiveness, and transaction volume. Benjamin’s understanding of statistics, market drivers and trends allows Toma Partners to focus resources well. Ben is a key supporter of the Benita Foundation, a charity dedicated to helping orphaned children and impoverished families in Romania. The foundation is named after Ben’s little sister who was tragically lost at a very young age. He also serves as a board member at his local church.  

CENTURY 21 Toma Partners… A family real estate company