Giving Back

Caring for Children and Families in Crisis since 1991  



The name of the Benita Organization has special meaning to our company because it belonged to a little girl named Benita Toma. Benita was the little sister of our company’s founders Ben and Mihai Toma. Tragically, Benita passed away shortly after being hit by a truck while riding her tricycle at the age of four. In the Romanian culture, when someone passes away financial support is given by the community to the grieving family. Benita’s parents took this money and sent it to Romania with Benita’s aunt, who used it to start the Benita Children’s Foundation in 1991. Years later, to honor the memory of his little sister, Ben Toma named his firstborn daughter Benita. 

Benita is a non-profit organization in Romania that provides social, moral, educational and spiritual support for thousands of children and families each year. To learn more about the Benita non-profit organization, click on the below links:


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